For the past two years at we have deployed web applications day in and out - almost 17 projects, but as for any services company which wants to optimize the process and lessen the mundane tasks developers do, only resorts were,

side hacks, scripts & tools to make our life easier

One such tool which not only helped us, but as well saved a lot of mundane developer time for us and our friends is this form backend suite - boon for static websites. But there is more to it!

What started as a simple tool 6 months ago, slowly iterated over and over again on the feature set is being launched today as an one stop suite -

We were in private beta for the past 6 weeks, working on feedback from our users, enhancing features, upgrading servers .... We would like to thank all the private beta participants for their valuable inputs.

Now, formX team is happy to announce Public Beta Launch!

We invite you to signup and meet your own formX backend partner :)

With formX you can,

  1. Streamline your data collection and forms securely and scalably.
  2. Manage all the responses you receive with our powerful dashboard.
  3. Collaborate and amplify your work productivity across all devices from anywhere/ any place, any time!.

P.S:  We put in a bit of CRM benefits & submitter tracking insights in there too!

Please feel free to grab a demo call with our team here or reach out to the support team here.

Looking forward to your feedback and reviews !!!