When we built our first site we were very much excited about it, but we had an issue,

adding/integrating a contact form to our landing page

Why was this a problem? Two reasons,

  1. Cost : it was very clear that usage of Github pages or other static hosting solutions was way cheaper and sensible when compared to Goaddy kind of hosting with a database.
  2. Skill & Time : building a form and sending the response to a mail id does not make sense, this form is a lead generation channel for us. It only makes sense that we build a dashboard, ensure uptime, have access control and all that.

We decided to look for an alternative solution to solve this, because it was the only option available since static sites can't run back end code. We tried different providers because there is no one solution available for all the needs.

Finally we solved the problem and published our first static site.

Want to know how? I will explain the ways we tried and how we arrived at a better solution.

  1. FormBucket
  2. FormCarry
  3. Formata
  4. FormKeep

These were some of the options we tried out and each had a problem so switched from one to another.

1.Form Bucket

Form Bucket has a simple set of features like auto responders, spam filtering and notifications.


The have a monthly plan for $7/month with unlimited forms and unlimited submissions.


The simple pricing left us thoughtful because there were much better options for a similar price with much more features. There was no integration to other apps like zapier.


Formcarry provided yet another simple set of features but it had integration to various apps through zapier like salesforce, slack etc.


The basic plan starts with $19/month with just 4 forms but unlimited submissions with a 500 mb file storage. The pricing was too steep for the features they provide and the number of forms were limited to 4 and unlimited submissions is meaningless.


Handling the submissions was bit of a headache because there was no proper dashboard to manage the submissions. I call it headache because my inbox was flowing with lot of submissions and spams.


Formata provides a better security comparing to others. The features are almost similar to Formcarry but we were happy with security from spammers. It also provided a sentimental analysis of the submitter but for an additional cost of $0.27 for one form.


The pro plan costs $49.99/month with 10 buckets(forms) with unlimited submissions, email notifications and priority support.(Note : They charge $0.16 for an email notification and $0.09 for each submission in pay as you go plan)


On the whole Formata was good to use but didn't work for us, since we had a very little need and their pricing was difficult to satisfy us. As I said earlier there is no one solution available for all the needs.

4. Formkeep

Formkeep is one of the leading providers and their features included auto responders, spam filtering, custom URL redirects, notifications, CSV export, JSON API and  Zapier integration.


The paid plans are not satisfying starting from $59/ month for upto 10 forms and unlimited submissions. Well if you don't try out the free trial then they give you a starter pack for $4.99/month for 1 form and limited to 50 submissions.


Though Formkeep was a big shot it's complex pricing confused us and made us think that's kinda too much for what they provide. They didn't give any special analysis like Formata, not simple like Form Bucket.

So all of them had a major drawback and we got tired trying out. But you don't have to waste your and time. With all the experiences we gained,Guess what?

We built our own all-in-one form back end solution suite FormX.


The primary features are customizable auto responders, auto redirect to custom URL, notes and reminders, notifications, spam protection and CSV export.It includes analysis of submitter engagement throughout the form and provides an activity score. The reports include demographics insights and form analytics. Using webhooks, you can enrich your for submissions by integrating them with various services such as Zapier,Slack etc.


There is a 14 day free trial and the pricing starts from $5/month with unlimited forms and 5000 submissions. Submissions top ups are available if you receive more submissions, we engineered it for your growth and not limiting it.

We faced a problem in adding a form to our first website but you don't have to.

 Cheers , Chill out while we take care of forms in your static site.

To check out why  FormX is an all in one solution for all the needs check out the post How FormX is different from its competitors?

We just launched our public beta and would love to have your feedback. Signup now here : http://formx.stream/