Now you can integrate Slack in a custom method, no need to pay for intermediate integration platforms on per transaction basis. You know which (Z)app am referring to.

During our private beta, one of the most requested & in-turn used feature was the slack integration. Slack is a team collaboration - communication and chat platform, brings together all business messaging in one place. Its one of the most used modern teams productivity tool.

How does this integration work?

With the formX + Slack integration, formX will send a Slack direct  message to your employees / channels you choose, every time a submission is recorded, to see them.

If you have enabled formX email notifications, they will also be notified via emails. But Slack is the modern way of doing it, instant both on notification as well on your response to that submission. A way to build better customer experience on the data you collect.

Enabling the formX + Slack integration

Installing a bot for this purpose is completely unnecessary, since formX supports Slack’s Incoming WebHook functionality. Here is a quick step by step process to complete your integration.

Configuring the incoming webhook

  1. While in your Slack workspace, left-click the name of your workspace, and pick Administration > Manage Apps from the dropdown Menu. A new browser window should appear in which you can customize your workspace.
  2. From here, navigate to Custom Integrations and then to Incoming WebHooks.
  3. Now you can configure a new Incoming WebHook by clicking the big, green Add Configuration button.
  4. The first form lets you pick any existing channel or user on your  workspace to notify when the WebHook is called. A new channel can also  be created here.
  5. After picking a channel or user to be notified, click  the Add Incoming WebHooks Integration Button.
  6. The most important part on the next screen is the WebHook URL.  Make sure you copy this URL, since you will need it later on when  adding this WebHook to your formX workspace configuration.

Enabling Slack Integration in formX Settings

Pre Requisite : You need to have at least one form created and running in formX app to continue forward. Are you new to formX, Get you first form backend up and running in 2 minutes, Start here!

  1. Sign in to your formX workspace here
  2. Choose the form you want to enable slack notification for.
  3. Navigate to "Settings" Tab
  4. Click on the "Integrations" sub menu option
  5. Toggle the "Slack Integration" ON.
  6. Now paste the slack webhook link that you copied during the previous process list.

Few marked screen-shotsduring the  to guide you better,

Choose your form from the workspace menu.
Navigate to Settings Tab -> Then to Integrations sub menu.
Paste your slack webhook link in the textbox there! Voila its done :)

If you have any further queries, contact support team here.

On a lighter note, do you know what does SLACK stand for ? Its an acronym for "Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge"