You may already know this, but using states to manage workflows is extremely helpful. Not only helpful, but also very intuitive. Chances are you have probably used minor forms of state management in the past without ever even realizing it!

A very basic example would be how you always keep track of whether your car is locked or not. Depending on which of the two states (locked, or unlocked) your car is in, you might take different actions depending on your intentions. Now (although this might translate poorly as a hypothetical situation), imagine being a valet and having to mentally keep track of a lot of cars in your head. Sounds quite stressful to me. This is where workflow management comes in.

Workflow management helps you easily keep track of something like this.

The good news is that formX offers submission state management out of the box. You can use submission states to manage your workflow. So for example, say that you are currently using formX to handle a support ticket system on your website. As support tickets come in, the default state is "submission received". Once you start processing the ticket, you can move the submission to the "in progress" state. Once the ticket has been fully processed, you can move the submission to the "completed" state. If you want a brief overview of your process pipeline you can go to the reports page from your dashboard, where you will see the amount of submissions in each state.

This section in the reports page will show you an overview of your process pipeline

The cool thing about submission states is that you can use them to filter which submissions are shown on the dashboard. So say you only want to see submissions that are in progress, you can accomplish this in only a few clicks using the "show only" drop down menu.

So that's about it for now. To summarize, workflow management is important as it helps you keep track of what is going on at different stages of your workflow/process pipeline. FormX has submission state management which will help you take back control of your workflow. Stay tuned for more things you can do with submission states. If you want to see submission state management in action, try out formX! Anything you personally use state management in your life for? Let us know!