Are you a new web design and development agency / company ? Welcome to quite an interesting battleground with a lot of competing players. In today's world, with the shift in trends towards freelancing, almost 1 in 10 people want to start a web design agency. But running a service business involves a lot more factors than running a product business, it’s a serious game. An important aspect of running a web design agency is marketing. You can be the best web agency there is, but you won’t get customers if you don’t get your name out there. The WPDOR method is a basic framework for marketing that all web agencies (especially new ones) should try to apply.

This MIGHT be a slight exaggeration...

The WPDOR Formula

  • Website (Inbound - USP - Case Studies)
  • Power of Social Networks
  • Deliver
  • Optimize and Add Value
  • Recur
  1. Website

Have a strong website, the world is changing from outbound to inbound marketing/sales techniques. If you ask any sales person who their main enemy is, I’m sure most of them would say Google. It is important to have a strong online presence.

Some key points to remember when it comes to writing your content copy:

  • Find a unique approach to YOUR market
  • Do consultative sales
  • Display a portfolio of completed projects along with client testimonials. Talk about the outcomes of those projects.
  • Show off the team responsible for your amazing work and sell their story. In the services domain providing a face to associate with for the customers helps build their trust.

2. Power of Social Networks

Social selling is a powerful concept in today's world. You should definitely use these networks and leverage their services to get your voice out to potential customers. Something like "Hey! I mean business, let's start working together!” really goes a long way.

Some things to remember:

  • Once you launch a project for a client, give them a social media shout out along with your branding
  • Post good quality content from your blog, or re-post content from other pioneer blogs. Remember that increasing the engagement of your followers is important
  • Some social networks to be part of : Twitter | Linkedin | Clutch | WWDC
Don't underestimate the power of social networks

3. Deliver

This is where most companies fail or fall short. Most new founders and first sales hires concentrate on closing more deals and focus on the numbers. But wait a minute! That is not what you do, what you do is web design and development.
Plan better and stick to development where only a few iterations are needed, like Bezos says it’s always day one. Keep your client informed and track milestones. This way you will not deliver an un-usable product for your client.Believe in the flywheel rotating - it’s important to give equal importance to marketing, sales and delivery. Ensure provide the best customer support - try building a positive brand story, it doesn't happen in a day.

4. Optimize and Add Value

When you are working with businesses in the growth stage, there is a huge learning curve for the business. A lot of businesses might not understand the value of what you built. So it’s important you help them realize the value of the service you provide.

Now, coming to value added services that you can provide.

Automate Analytics Reports Google:

Analytics is a wonderful free tool, and it doesn't take more than two minutes to configure. Using simple Google Sheets scripts you can automate this - Link to the DIY aritcle from Moz. Enable Video InsightsClients can see how visitors are really using your website by capturing their entire usage as a video! collect user feedback and see how to turn more users into customers. May be all you need to get more conversions is a  simple button placement change or content change. Tools you can use to accomplish this include: Hotjar, Fullstory

Configure Chat Plugins:

While this might seem like overkill, (since a lot of small businesses don't have the time to chat in a live environment) doing so will provide a much better experience to website visitors. Lots of plugin offer free chat systems, and using one could be a solid value addition to your clients.
Live chat plugins : Tawk, Freshchat, Crisp, Drift
Bot based chat plugin:

Empower Clients with Better Lead Dashboards:

Forms - contact forms, lead forms, registration forms - these are integral parts to any website today. But how are you currently informing your client about a lead on their website? Through emails? There is a much better way to do it, there are form back-end tools like formX which empowers clients with a powerful dashboard to manage submissions.  
If you are interested in formX, we also have an agency package. Check it out here.

5. Recur

The most important thing to do for a service business is to build recurring client relationships. It’s power is similar to the power of compound interest that Einstein vouches for. Holding existing clients and selling to existing clients is far easier than acquiring new clients. In service businesses, recurring clients are the key to a company's stability, resale value or worth. Remember, it’s compounding interest even on your revenue! Recurring is pure magic!

That's my WPDOR method for marketing web services.
This article contains my brief thoughts as to how to build and market a new web design and development business, based on my experience building Cyces Technologies. Want to share your journey? Reach out!
If you feel I missed out on anything, let me know in the comments!
And, remember the WPDOR Method!